Allow Me To Introduce Myself



My name is Carol Jamieson.  I am an American citizen, a mother of four grown children and grandmother to 9 grandchildren.  Several years ago I was introduced to the heart-breaking  story of Acholi children in Northern Uganda being abducted and taken for child soldiers in the  LRA/UPDF war that took place between the years of 1986-2006.  I learned this by watching a documentary, which I have posted at the end of this fundraiser, called WAR DANCE.  It was the most heart-breaking true story that I had ever seen and I remember, when it was over, dropping to my knees in prayers and tears and pleading with God to help these children.  I also pleaded with Him to show me a way that I could help them if it was possible.  Well, He heard my prayers and He has answered them with a resounding YES, YOU CAN HELP THEM!  So, that’s why I am here appealing to you.  As Americans, we were quite sheltered about these things in past years.  Even today, with the internet, the mainstream media does not keep us up to date with atrocities around the world in a way that keeps us informed.   In 2008, I was introduced to Facebook and though it took me a while to figure it out, I became quite proficient at it.  Approximately two years ago I was fortunate enough to meet my now very dear friend, Charles Oscar Akena, who was from Uganda.  We chatted on facebook for a while before I realized who he was.  I admired his poetry, which he publishes in a local newspaper.  I learned that he  was an Acholi.  He lived through the war and he saw these children being abducted.  He still sees the unfairness toward Acholi children whose lives have been interrupted to the extent that they struggle just to function, let alone getting an education and learning to raise their children, many of whom were born to  young girls who were abducted and gave birth in the bush.  The war is over, at least, the militia and guns are gone, but there is a lot of post-war damage and healing to be done.  I told Mr. Akena of my passion for these children and he spoke to me about someday trying to build a school.  I want to do that someday.    Our immediate concern is the much-needed education for these kids who are victims of a two-decade war in their land. I discovered through Indiegogo and saw it as an opportunity to achieve that goal.    So this fund-raiser is the combined effort of Mr. Charles Oscar Akena, an Acholi father of 5 children, and myself.  It is very close to my heart and very close to his soul.  He did some interviewing and research and provided most of the information you will see on this website.
It is our sincere intent to first raise money to get children that cannot afford school supplies and fees, enrolled in school and secondly,  to raise money so as to be able to offer scholarships to Acholi post-war children.  There are so many needs.  The  Acholi people in  Northern Uganda are starting over.

We are ever so grateful for even the smallest donation, and the sincere well-wishers who are willing to post this site on their websites.   We want to make a difference in the lives of these children.     They also need special care and services above and beyond the normal student.  In the future, we would like to help in other much-needed services for the present and next generation of these presently helpless children.

Mr. Akena resides in Uganda and will be providing on-going information about the children and their stories and we will be accountable to our donors for every donation.   We thank you for taking the time to read, watch some videos, and share.  We invite you to join us in this effort to create an environment for learning and building self esteem and self love where there is now only war-torn villages and run down schools, children with sleepless nights from dreadful nightmares & pain unimaginable.  Shame is another mountain for many to get over.  But it is a shame that was forced upon them without mercy

 We hope to touch your heart and inspire you to give from your heart to this beautiful and critical cause.  Please do spread the word by sharing the story of this war that was hidden from us for so long!

Last, but not least, thank you for caring!  Imagine what we could do if we all cared!

7 thoughts on “Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    1. Thank you so much for visiting our blog. You are correct. We truly want to touch the lives of these children and even if we can only touch one life it will all be worth it, but we are praying for blessings on this project and invite you to pray for us if you are so inclined. Thank you and God bless you.


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