About the Poet, Charles Oscar Akena

428497_244183969017133_1149846674_n_editedCharles Oscar Akena is a published poet who writes beautiful poems that are inspired by the devastation from the war and its affect on his own people, the Acholi people of Northern Uganda.  This vast area is also known as Acholiland.  The land and its people have suffered devastating loss and have always been a people widely respected for their contributions to African culture.  They are especially adept at music and dance. They are a very creative, intelligent, and ambitious people and they are strikingly kind and forgiving!  They have one goal!  They want a chance to re-establish their land and their culture after two decades of displacement, genocide and denied access to education for their children.  That is two generations of interrupted childhoods!   They have lost thousands of children to abduction and death and have gained thousands of children born to young early teen girls while in the bush, serving as wives to their abductors.  This went on for twenty long years and the suffering and murder of thousands of their parents was relentless.  Mr. Akena’s love for his people is the fuel that inspires his poetry and his heart and soul’s desire to reach out to the well-wishers and healers of this world who are willing to help bring restoration his land and people.

His poems are inspiring and thought-provoking.  I know you will enjoy them as I do.