Urgent Notice!

This post is to inform our valued readers and our big-hearted well-wishers that we have a problem that we had hoped we would not have to confront, but it is here.  We were very pleased that we were able to send two students back to school with the donations from the big-hearted people who have been donating.  However, we were only able to pay off their due bill and for the first part of this year.  As of two weeks ago Nichodemus Sebuuma was sent home, and sadly, as of yesterday, Omia Darius was sent home from their schools.

This saddens us as we have had almost no money coming in for a couple of weeks now.  We know that the Lord will bless us but we are making an appeal for your help.  Every dollar counts.  These children desperately want to finish their education.  We started this fundraiser in January and have tried to distribute the funds in a way that would benefit as many as possible, but this is all done on faith that money will continue to come in.

We pray that your heart will be touched in a way as to make it possible for these two heartbroken boys to have the funds to return to school and to continue their studies.

  • It is important for people in other countries to understand that the education system in Uganda, though it is said to be free, (Universal Free Primary and Secondary Education) in reality, is not all free.  It has many hidden costs or “added” costs.  The government is overwhelmed by the costs and by the system.  In order to keep students from dropping out, or from not starting school,  external funding, such as this fundraiser, is an absolute necessity.
  • In order to obtain good school grades and a useful education, children that go to schools must attend schools where tuition is required.  This is evident when care is taken to analyse National Primary Leaving Certificate, Ordinary and Advanced Secondary Leaving Certificate results. The discrepancy is apparent, more so in Northern Uganda, where the two-decade LRA/UPDF war has impoverished the region.  
  • The recovery expected after the silence of gun-fire is yet to offset the destruction in the economy and purchasing power of the war victims. The fact is that the nationally performing schools are private schools, run by religious-founding bodies and private entrepreneurs.  The children that attend these private schools will get the education they are promised with clearly defined school fees per term, without hidden costs.  There is no way to get a good free education in Uganda.

It is our prayer that your heart will be touched and we can find a way to tell these send these two boys that they can return to school for at least the rest of this year.   God Bless you and thank you so much for caring!

To learn more about Nichodemus and Omia please go to the links below:

To donate please visit our fundraiser sites at https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/hope-for-post-war-children-in-northern-uganda/x/13113817 or https://www.gofundme.com/warchild  or donate using Pay Pal HERE.


for caring!