Education not for all?

Although Uganda has Universal Primary and Secondary Education (i.e. it is supposed to be free) in practice, there are often hidden costs such as  books and uniforms and PTA (Parents Teachers Associations) contributions,  that prevent children from attending school.  Though the war crimes have stopped there continues to be poverty, sickness and an alarming death rate for the people of Northern Uganda.  The video below explains some of the reasons this continues.  The people in Northern Uganda have been suffering genocide, and even presently, a slow but steady continuation of genocide using poverty and neglect.


Family poverty
Family poverty and early marriage or household duties require   many children to drop out of school because they’re needed at home.   Although enrollment numbers are over 90%, only 43% of boys and 27% of girls actually complete Primary school.


Painful reality…

Recent research underscores how grave the situation is in Northern Uganda on children and their education

1.  One-third of all children above 10 years old have lost a parent and 9 percent of returnee (the people/children who have left the IPD’s camps and gone back to their villages) children in the villages are orphans.

2.  Illiteracy is very high, particularly among women (84 percent).  Only 9 percent of men and 1 percent of women have completed secondary school.

3. 16.3% of school children in northern Uganda do not get midday meal because schools are distant from home.

4.  Most returnee children have very few possessions  if any, and no longer have animals or easy access to their ancestral land.

5.  Youth idleness and unemployment are big problems.   Crime rates are extraordinarily high in the villages/towns.


Higher declines

The statistics of admission, attendance and completion declines  with each higher secondary and University level attained.

Leadership, culture, and education are victims of this war.  The children’s mindset and exposure is not equal to their age mates elsewhere in the country.  Yet, they must prepare for the same national educational examinations and face the same panelist for the same Job interviews,  face the same market for the same products and services in life,  irrespective of their past disadvantaged backgrounds,  which has adversely affected their purchasing power,  mercilessly.


Counseling a new returnee from the bush


If you are ready and willing to donate to a child for the school year we applaud you!  We celebrate you!  We are ever so grateful to you!

The people of Northern Uganda  are so eager to put the past behind and lunge forward toward a prosperous and healed country with education, liberty and dignity!  Northern Uganda rightfully wants and deserves to preserve her rich culture, land, and treasured  heritage, fully  intact and thriving.

The people in Northern Uganda have been through so much.  They have had war on their soil for decades, but other parts of Uganda go on without consideration of this issue, leaving them to fend for themselves while they are broken and poverty-stricken.  Many of them are fighting squatters, corporations and the government to get their family owned land returned, even thirty years after being displaced!   They are so eager to put the past behind and lunge forward toward prosperity, self-sustenance, community and their rich culture of dance once again!

A donation of $10.00 per month would help out a lot!   Monthly donations, regardless of the amount, help greatly in that they can be counted on and that goes a long way in helping us project and fill the goals we have set forth for these future students.   Please consider trying to manage a small donation monthly.  Small amounts are blessed and go a long way toward the well-being of these helpless, but beautiful, smart, and eager to learn children. We will share updates with our donors and  we are certain that you will receive many blessings and much pleasure in seeing just what good your donations will do in the life of a child!

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