Embracing Human Beauty..Cry Not Acol


Deep in the heart
The plains of the

Levitates untold lives
Experiences never imagined before

Reality of faith
Carved from blood
The atonement
Of Acol?

The war
The furnace of death
The jungle of impunity
The decades of abductions
The dreams crushed
The generations lost?
The bridge to the future?

The crux?
Expressions undocumented?

The soaked cross
Of faith
The redeemer
Of ages

Acol will  turn tears to joy
Tears of renewal
Expression underrated?

Listen, you world,
Acols‘ hope
Is your hope
Deep in the hearts
Cry not Acol.


Learn more about the Acholi people and their traditions by visiting

Blog: A Trip Down Memory Lane – Acholi

Please give from your heart to help the Acholi people get back to their strong and beautiful culture which has been interrupted for going on thirty years.  Their children have been denied education during the displacement of approximately 1.8 million people over the twenty years of the LRA/UPDF war.  Now poverty excludes the children from school though the rest of the country enjoys school without problems.  These strong, resilient people just need us to care.  Donations may be made at our fundraiser sites @ Generosity.com and also at GoFundMe.comor you may donate at Pay Pal HERE