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12801343_984865541600705_108755423031194230_nWe are humbled by the letter we received from a 24 year-old Ugandan named Atwebembeire Richardson.  We are sharing his letter, with his permission, in hopes that you will be touched  and moved to action by his powerful and heart-warming story.  He is an example of the many young men and women who have grown up in war and post-war times in Northern Uganda.  It is without help or incentives by the government that these young people act upon their faith to succeed with all the odds stacked against them.  They have all they need in order to move past their pain, except the neccesary financial means.  They have faith, strong will, desire, fortitude, and stamina.  They want to educate themselves and others in their community.


I am glad to write to you this day to share with you my life experience and in request for your assistance and help to raise my school fees. Iam a male Ugandan 24 years and am single Munyankole boy who loves serving the Lord God the author of my life.

As am writing to you I’m a student at Uganda Baptist Seminary Jinja. (UBS) but this is how my life experience is: I have my parents a live, but due to the poorness poor my family I did not go to where I wanted to go. But in the lord Jesus Christ I hope for the best in future. In all God helped me so much and I made it to complete senior four under serious situations by the year 2010.

Ever since my life had been a fighting with the life myself. I had to stop at senior four because of my younger sisters and brothers who were in the lower classes of their primary level. That my parents could not any more manage my school fees, I had to sit at home for good because we had no land in the village even up to now, so my father had to struggle for food, rent in the town where we are staying in.

After I had stay one year at home some directors and the headmasters wanted me to work in their schools because I was and am a very hardworking boy and  a discipline  person, any other person desired to work with me but since I had no qualifications I could fail the jobs. In the same way my next brother dropped out of the school at primary six level of the same error of school fees, so one Samaritan man took him to the workshop and he studied tailoring. Later on my pastor took me to work at his institution as the registrar and the little money I got from there, I took it to the college and I started a course in early child hood education. But unfortunately at the end of the year examination I heard the principal calling my name outside the examination room. So I left the paper on the table and went out, for sure I was embarrassed when he told me that you go and first pay the fees. And that was the end of the course. Before I was in secondary I was looking forward to joining A’LEVEL for arts subjects because I wanted to be a lawyer in future but that one also stopped like that.

Lastly by the next year my aunt Mrs. Midres Kekitinisa gave me money to go and study a short course, so I went to Kampala and studied journalism in radio and televion presentation and production but at the end of this I could not get the money for graduation and for the certificate so even up to now my certificate is still at the school and this one has denied me an opportunity to go and seek for the job of radio and television presentation and production.

In the process of serving the Lord, at one time while in Luwero I happen to meet with one of the staff members from the Uganda Baptist seminary jinja a school of theology who was taking registration of new students. So some thing inside me I hope it was the spirit of GOD convinces me to take a registration and that’s what I exactly did it was by 2014’s end. So from there I told my new pastor in Hoima Kyangwali about the incident, my pastor was happy with my right decision and act of registering. As the first term in 2015 started he gave me some money to start at the seminary. So from that time my life has been struggling so much hard to get the fees of the next terms. Now as I speak I have loans in the village banks because they keep on giving me their money to sustain and keep in school. However I have a small school that the lord requested me to start and start helping those who have no hope for life. So any money I get I put it in the school but I hope the Lord asked me to start that school on a purpose.

Now I have started the second year out of three years.

I will be so much thankful if may request is considered positive.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully ……………………………………………………..

                            Atwebembeire Richardson

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“Oh, the joys of those who are kind to the poor! The LORD rescues them when they are in trouble. The LORD protects them and keeps them alive. He gives them prosperity in the land and rescues them from their enemies. The LORD nurses them when they are sick and restores them to health. “

  Psalm 41:1-3


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