Ishmael Beah, Former Child Soldier

The following video is  a first-hand account of the direct effects on society and the damage that living in a civil war environment imposes on the people & the children.  It is the account of a young man, Ishmael Beah, who spent two years in the Bush of Sierra Leone as a child soldier and what it took for him to recover.  It is very informative and entertaining.


We are accepting donations to send as many children in the Northern Uganda area to school as we possibly can.  We hope you are touched and wish to help these children to heal and to regain rheir dignity.  There is much healing needed in their physical bodies and in their spirits.  They want to learn.  They are eager to contribute to society.  They need to replace the haunting memories in their mind with knowledge and goals for the future of themselves and their society.   We are their HOPE.  Hope keeps them strong and resilient.  Let us give them HOPE!


The School Year
While Universities have two semesters on average of five months each per year, most Universities have admissions/commencement of their programs in July/August. Others have two separate admissions per year. Government and private Universities operate independently and have separate admissions time frames. The specifics would be different.
In our case, we would look at an average budgetary provision of US $ 260 per child/student times three terms per year, TOTALING US $ 780 per student year. This averages out to $65.00 a month to sponsor a child for the full school year.   Donations are welcome with gratitude and no donation is too small!


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Thank you for caring!