Angela Akec

Angela Akec

001_edited2My mother Santina Akun died in December 2014 in a motor accident. My father Joseph Odwong is 87 years old and he is blind.

My sister who is my follower and I are hoping that some education support is found for us in order to study.

I sat primary leaving examinations in 2015 and I obtained aggregate 19 and I hope to join Sacred Heart SSS in Gulu for senior one. I request for support for fees and other scholastic requirements.


The School Year
While Universities have two semesters on average of five months each per year, most Universities have admissions/commencement of their programs in July/August. Others have two separate admissions per year. Government and private Universities operate independently and have separate admissions time frames. The specifics would be different.
In our case, we would look at an average budgetary provision of US $ 260 per child/student times three terms per year, TOTALING US $ 780 per student year. This averages out to $65.00 a month to sponsor a child for the full school year.

To sponsor a child or for a monthly or one-time donation, please visit our fundaiser sites listed below or use the PayPal link.


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