If you are ready and willing to donate to a child or young adult  for the school year we applaud you!  We celebrate you!  We are ever so grateful to you!

The people of Northern Uganda  are so eager to put the past behind and lunge forward toward a prosperous and healed country with education, liberty and dignity!  Northern Uganda rightfully wants and deserves to preserve her rich culture, land, and treasured  heritage, fully  intact and thriving.

The people in Northern Uganda have been through so much.  They have had war on their soil for decades, but other parts of Uganda go on without consideration of this issue, leaving them to fend for themselves while they are broken and poverty-stricken.  Many of them are fighting squatters, corporations, and the government to get their family owned land returned, even thirty years after being displaced!   They are so eager to put the past behind and lunge forward toward prosperity, self-sustenance, community and their rich culture of dance once again!

The School Year
While Universities have two semesters on average of five months each per year, most Universities have admissions/commencement of their programs in July/August.  Others have two separate admissions per year.   Government and private Universities operate independently and have separate admissions time frames.  The specifics would be different.

In our case, we would look at an average budgetary provision of US $ 260 per child/student times three terms per year, TOTALING  US $ 780 per student year.    This breaks down to a monthly amount of $65.00 per student.   This can be done by personally sponsoring a child or co-sponsoring is another option.  The amount you donate is up to you.

Whether your monthly donation is $65.00, $20.00, $10.00, or more or less, every penny of  it will be used to  send some very happy and fortunate children, or young adults, back to school!   Small amounts are blessed and go a long way toward the well-being of these helpless, but beautiful, smart, and eager-to-learn children. We will share updates with our donors and  we are certain that you will receive many blessings and much pleasure in seeing just what good your donations will do in the life of your sponsored child! forPost War Children in Northern Uganda

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These kids are all praying for the chance to go back to school, but they all need sponsors.  Each one of them has a unique and heart-touching story that would melt the heart of all well-wishers globally.  If you wish to know more about any one, or all of them,  please refer to the Meet The Children section on the menu.





for caring!