Dedicated to the Post-War Children of Uganda


They saw
They experienced it
They survived healing
They are still here
With us

God reigns
God still cares

They are a miracle of this age
On their heart & knees
They knock at your heart’s door!

Praying in unison
The past
The present
The future

Is ours all

They hurt when you hurt
They cry when you cry
They lack when you lack
They love when you love
They’re at peace when you’re at peace

In humility
Now sow hope
Tomorrow reap hope

Sow education
Reap understanding
Reap tolerance
Reap sustainable development
Reap equitable wealth creation

Sponsor Hope
Harvest love and care

Nurture &
Bless your future
Children are our present future

Give to  them
They will give back

On their knees
They pray.

Author:  Charles Oscar Akena

1/7/2016 – Gulu, Uganda


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