An Appeal for Educational Sponsorship

The children who have survived the years of wartime have suffered greatly, both physically and emotionally.  They have more than their share of healing to do in addition to the task of preparing to be functional in a world they do not know.   A formal education and/or trade schooling is absolutely necessary to teach them what they are capable of and what they can take pride in.  Many have an enormous burden of shame over the atrocious crimes they’ve been forced to commit.  Contributing to society in a positive and much-needed way is the best way for them to overcome the shame that was forced upon them.

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The School Year

While Universities have two semesters on average of five months each per year, most Universities have admissions/commencement of their programs in July/August.  Others have two separate admissions per year.   Government and private Universities operate independently and have separate admissions time frames.  The specifics would be different.
In our case, we would look at an average budgetary provision of US $ 260 per child/student times three terms per year, TOTALING  US $ 780 per student year.    This breaks down to the amount of $65.00 per month per student.  ANY AMOUNT is greatly needed and appreciated!  We encourage you to consider monthly donations of any amount to ensure the continuity of their education.  All donors will be kept informed of student progress.  All students will be so appreciative and very excited.  They are praying for your help! God bless you.

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